terça-feira, 20 de junho de 2017

Ballerina shoes

NEW IN: ballerina shoes!
The perfect and cutest shoes to keep it casual and ready-to-go.
Featuring the cat, obviously.

terça-feira, 16 de maio de 2017

Mother of pearl

Brushes - Sammydress

Kitty introduces my new fav brushes.
From  blue to pink grandients and goldish details. Perf!


quinta-feira, 6 de abril de 2017

domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2017

Mixtape | Dresslily

Guys, I have the coolest bag ever! It's a freakin' mixtape, how awesome is that?!

A special thanks to Dresslily who's sent me this. You can find the bag here.


sábado, 7 de janeiro de 2017

Essentials | StyleWe

Dusty shoes

Because sales are here and you just gotta buy some cute new stuff, here's StyleWean online fashion shopping platform that features independent fashion designers.
Make sure to check what's currently on sale or even what's new in.
Let me know your favourites!

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